Voices from the Attic (DVD)

Voices from the Attic (DVD)

Filmmakers: Debbie Goodstein
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A filmmaker travels to Poland with her aunt and five cousins to explore the ordeal of her mother and fifteen family members who hid in the attic of a peasant's home for two years during the Second World War.

Other credits: Produced and Directed by Debbie Goodstein
"A deeply moving experience, touching, sensitive, wise..."
--Jeffrey Lyons, CBS

"In its understatement, honesty and fair-minded acknowledgment of both anti-Semitism and Christian decency, this excellent film is a moving return to a Poland still rippling with painful reminders of World War II. Although it starts out as the filmmaker`s personal quest, Voices from the Attic grows into a healing experience for the audience as well."
--Annette Insdorf, Author,Indelible Shadows

"A personal account that permits its audience to explore and otherwise overwhelming subject in a most intimate manner."
--The Sun Sentinel