Contrary Warriors (DVD)

Contrary Warriors (DVD)

Filmmakers: Beth Ferris , Pamela Roberts , Connie Poten
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Contrary Warriors examines the impact a century of struggling for survival has on a native people.

Other credits: Rattlesnake Productions
Produced by Connie Poten and Pamela Roberts
Co-Produced by Beth Ferris
Edited by Jennifer Chinlund
Director of Photography: Stephen Lighthill
Original Music Composition: Todd Boekelheide
Sound: Anne Evans
Narration Written by Beth Ferris and Connie Poten
Administrative Director: Pamela Roberts

"Contrary Warriors is a moving, sympathetic and at times uplifting portrait of the spirit of a people."
--Salt Lake Tribune

"A marvelous portrait of the resilient Crow nation."
--San Francisco Chronicle